Black humor

A black cat walks over the street and the driver instantly pull over and step out!

Driver: ” I am going to a important interview and I am  going to have a bad luck because of you!!!”

Cat: Is it because I am black?

  • Trolls in Iceland- We found this Trolls in Reykjanes peninsula in south- vest Iceland. Perhaps you have to look very well to the picture. It look like he is lighting up some stuff and she is gladly waiting for it… well the picture was  taken in the riff between the two continents – Europa and America so perhaps … Continue reading Trolls in Iceland
  • black is black-
  • Another baby- Olga: “Darling, I really think it’s time we got another baby.” Ivan: “Oh I’m quite relieved you said that. The one we have is a real pain in the neck!”
  • Blackheads- Probably the best of the biggest Blackheads…
  • Black holes suck- Do you know what really sucks? a black hole
  • Svarthöfði- #000000

If you are Blackout